About us


The Karma Awareness Project is dedicated

  • to promote the awareness of the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect – Karma
  • to empower Youth and bring awareness of the importance of Right Thoughts, Right Words, and Right Actions for lasting peace, joy, and abundance
  • to spread good-will and the will to do good, thereby making our world a better place to inhabit

Who we are?

Established in Mauritius by Mr Vee Jay Attri, the Karma Awareness Project is a non-religious, non-profit and volunteer based registered association dedicated to sharing and reminding essential life skills to our children and youth through the awareness of the laws of cause and effect – Karma.

For more than 15 years, Mr Vee Jay Attri has been teaching the philosophy of karma to students who participate in the energy healing workshops.

Over time he observed that the awareness of karma brought many positive changes in their lives, sometimes even life-transforming experiences. Many got healed physically and emotionally, and a few were even cured from severe ailments that had previously seemed medically incurable. Some gave up addictions to smoking and alcohol. Those who lost their loved ones recovered from long depression and started a new life filled with zeal. Many realized the power of blessing and sharing; some improved relationships that were on the verge of breaking down, while a few others came out of major financial crises. People started to bless even those who had harmed them and became more tolerant and kind towards others. Many youngsters gave up negative activities and made excellent progress, both materially and spiritually. Those struck by tragedies accepted them as part of their learning and balancing process, and inspired others to grow spiritually. Overall, people regained control of their lives just by developing the right awareness of the laws that govern life.

He has conceptualized a simple and practical manner of teaching the universal laws of karma to all, especially the youth. The Karma Awareness Project have emerged and he has also authored the books Secrets of Karma and Secrets of Karma – Teen Edition.

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Karma Awareness Project

262, Sookdeo Issur Lane, Bonne Terre, Vacoas, Mauritius
+230 57315681, +230 59456121 (Mauritius)

9, District Centre, Janak Puri, New Delhi – 110058, India
+91 1141660899 | +91 8800894482

email: awareness@secretsofkarma.org

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  1. I just want to thank all of you to enlighten people and youngsters like me to appreciate simple thing and never stop to do good to others , I want to thank my friend Prashant Tripathi for encouraging me to visit this page. It really empowers me to value the most important things in life…that’s, to do the right things right… everytime…all the time.:-)

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