Karma Awareness Project

Karma Awareness Project

The Karma Awareness Project is a Life Transforming Project dedicated

  • to promote the awareness of the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect – Karma
  • to empower Youth and bring awareness of the importance of Right Thoughts, Right Words, and Right Actions for lasting peace, joy, and abundance
  • to spread good-will and the will to do good, thereby making our world a better place to inhabit
The Karma Awareness Project demystifies the subject of karma in a simple and practical manner, and addresses many issues that are currently of prime importance to our society, specially the youth.

What is Karma? Karma, like gravity, is the force of nature that has an effect on all that we do. It is an immutable law that balances a cause with a corresponding effect. Through the aid of cartoons, the subject of karma is presented in a very simple way that any common man can understand the essence of karma, apply it to transform his life immediately.

Time is a great healer, but the process is slow. Awareness heals you instantly.

– Vee Jay Atrri

Secrets of Karma

The project is targeted to our Children and our Youth and the main objective of the project is:

  1. to raise awareness
  2. to empower our children
  3. to transform their lives

What is the need for the Karma Awareness Project?

why Karma Awareness Project

Unfortunately, there is among our youth
  • a desire for short-cuts to everything in life
  • a high level of stress, and are not able to cope with them
  • a decline in ethics and human values
  • an increasing rate of social ill’s, suicide and crimes
  • an ignorance about the Universal Laws of Nature

which leads to crisis at different levels in there lives.

What is the root Cause?

what is the root cause of

The Karma Awareness Project helps us to understand the root cause of all the crises (Health crisis, Financial crisis, Relationship crisis, Emotional crisis, and even spiritual crisis) and to find lasting solution.

How do we make it?

A 20 minutes life transforming experience!

We use a simple, pragmatic yet profound tool in empowering and transforming our children and youth towards a better human being, which we humbly believe can assist the youth and educational institutions in India and all over the world in building a brighter new generation. By means of ‘Expositions on Karma’ and Talks on the subject in schools we create an awareness of the immutable laws of nature that govern our lives.

Below is a few sample banners we use.

sample banners

The success behind this project is because it is:

  • Simple
    • Simple way to re-discover the laws of Nature and remind us what we already know
  • Practical
    • Practical for anybody to understand and put into practice immediately
  • Enriching
    • Enriching the qualities and virtues of the human being
  • Empowering
    • Empowering all to lead a richer, fuller life – free from delusions

benefits of KAP

We are hereby helping in making “A new generation better equipped to Manifest his Greatness!

What are the benefits to the participants?

The participants will re-discover & understand:
  1. Thought is energy and that positive thoughts generate ‘positive karma’.
  2. Reverence to teachers is the most important aspect of success in studies and, in general, life.
  3. The long term implications of stealing intellectual properties through piracy.
  4. With positive thinking alone one cannot get everything, and how to be free from delusions.
  5. The eternal ‘law of impermanence’ and will save them from deceptions in their lives.
  6. The force behind spoken words and why to make better choice of words to be more polite and considerate towards others.
  7. The purpose of pain and sufferings as an integral part of the evolutionary process.
  8. God do not punish nor reward.
  9. Short-cuts bring more pain.
  10. The Universal philosophy of Karma without barriers.
… and many more

What is the Cost?

The Karma Awareness Project is a service back to the community. All content is generously and shared to everybody to spread good-will and the will to do good, thereby making our world a better place to inhabit.

To sustain the activity, we request for a nominal donation fee for the administrative and operational expenses depending on the type and size of on intervention. Please contact us. We will be happy to give you the details.



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